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Kedai Ayamas at Malaysia’s largest flower and garden festival

Kedai Ayamas is the first company in Malaysia to introduce the sale of chicken and chicken-based products through a network of company-owned, air-conditioned stores-chicken boutique. One can easily purchase nutritious and tasty, ready–to-eat food for convenient takeaway, ready-to-cook frozen products, and fresh chilled chicken and sundry products ranging from special sauces to beverages. Don’t forget that we are certified Halal by JAKIM too! We are definitely will do our very best to serve our beloved customers with good products quality and customer service. 


On the other hand, RasaMas restaurants concept is to sell Roasters with a combination of Asian and Western sides’ dishes. Its menu range covers a wide variety, including roasted chicken and chicken rice, Western meals, light meals, kids meal and signature entrees. All the foods served are freshly prepared daily. This dine-in concept by RasaMas restaurants offers you the experience to enjoy daily fresh roasters right from the oven. We ensure our beloved customers will definitely have a memorable dining experience at RasaMas restaurants. 


Both Kedai Ayamas and RasaMas Restaurants are coming down to FLORIA Putrajaya with lots of delicious menu that can make you crave for more, to the varieties of drinks to quench your thirst. Not to forget our special Chicky appearance and some exciting activities during this special event.  We suggest you to bring along your family and friends and grab our special promo during the events, join our fun activities and have a great day at FLORIA Putrajaya ;)